About Edward Culver

Edward Culver is a practising barrister and qualified solicitor who works from a London set of chambers.  He has practised exclusively as a criminal advocate since 2003.  He began his career at an international commercial law firm where he qualified as a solicitor in 2000 and advised on tax efficient equity incentives, before specialising in criminal law.

Although much of his practice is now defending criminal cases involving serious violence, drugs, dishonesty, and sexual offences, his experience covers a broad range of criminal law as well as mediation.   Like most barristers he prosecutes and defends cases.  (He is a level 3 prosecutor on the Crown Prosecution Service advocate panel.)

He is able to conduct cases on behalf of clients without a solicitor in certain circumstances, which are set out under the direct access provisions.   In addition to serious criminal cases, his expertise also encompasses firearms appeals, licensing hearings, road traffic cases and courts martial.

As well as representing clients at courts and tribunals, he also provides advice in writing and in person (in conference), depending on client’s wishes.  Such advice can sometimes greatly assist clients to decide how they wish to proceed, including whether to contest matters and how best to do so.

This website is to assist direct access clients in particular – professional clients may wish to see his chambers’ website.