Dangerous Dogs

      Even the friendliest of dogs can sometimes place themselves and their owners in difficulty. The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and the Dangerous Dogs Acts 1871 can lead to imprisonment of the owner and destruction of the dog. With public concern about dog attacks growing, sentencing has recently been toughened.

Those who own and care for dogs will know that in some circumstances almost any dog can become uncharacteristically aggressive and out of control. Irrespective of breed, even incidents in which no injury is caused may now lead to court action. This can be extremely distressing for the owner of the dog, with their own liberty and the life of their pet at stake.

Edward can assist with advising how to deal with threatened legal proceedings, overcome contingent destruction orders and also appeal destruction orders themselves. Such advice would usually include assistance with the provision of character references from those who know the dog concerned, as well as obtaining reports from dog behavioural experts and/ or vets.

Although junior colleagues in chambers frequently assist with such cases, Edward himself now rarely accepts instructions in these matters on a legal aid basis.