Firearms Appeals

The revocation of firearms certificates and shotgun licences can have a devastating impact for those involved.  As a member of the Countryside Alliance and previous member of BASC, Edward has a deeper understanding than many barristers of the significance of licences to those that hold them and their reasons for doing so.

Appeals against revocation or refusal to grant licences are in the Crown Court and on specific criteria relating to the safety of licence holders.  There are numerous guideline cases in the area and these can be crucial, particularly as some judges in the Crown Court are relatively unfamiliar with the principles involved: frequently the initial position argued by the police that a licence holder is a danger to the public can be shown to be flawed. (In a recent case Edward successfully appealed the revocation of a shotgun licence notwithstanding the holder had a history of domestic violence, convictions for violence, and also drink driving).

As well as conducting the appeals themselves, Edward is able to advise in conference or in writing on the prospects of successfully appealing a decision, the costs implications, and the best way of securing success, whether through negotiation with the police or the preparation of reports and references. (He has previously provided written advices for BASC on the prospects of success and conducts cases funded through BASC insurance).

Edward is also a member of the specialist Firearms Licensing team within chambers who were responsible for writing the definitive practitioner text in this area (“The British Firearms Law Handbook”), as advertised in the Countryside Alliance quarterly magazine.

In addition to appellate work on firearms, Edward has significant experience of dealing with illegal possession of weapons in the criminal courts, the knowledge of each field helping to inform the other.


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