Liquor licensing

For small business and local residents alike licensed premises can provoke strong reactions.  Edward reocgnises that for businesses that run licensed premises the efforts to reduce the impact of licensable activities can threaten the viability of the business itself; for local residents the same businesses can threaten the enjoyment of their homes.

The Licensing Act and the guidance stemming from it can form an intimidating hurdle to those unfamiliar with it, especially with local licensing policies adding a further layer of regulation.  Edward’s experience has included cases relating to licenses to sell alcohol on and off premises, arguing cases for and again the grant and revocation of licences, and also negotiating workable conditions attaching to them.

This has included arguing points with local authority licensing officers, local government agencies, and the police, as well as premises licence holders and supervisors.  In particular his experience has included:

  • prosecuting repeated breaches of licence conditions regarding alcohol sales outside permitted hours for a local authority
  • arguing for the closure of premises following police objections to its continued operation
  • prosecuting businesses selling alcohol to those underage
  • securing the grant of a premises application despite objections from local authority bodies and local residents