Serious Criminal Cases

The majority of Edward’s work is defending contested cases involving serious criminality. These tend to involve Class A drugs, repeated acts of dishonesty, and weaponised violence, but he is increasingly sought for his particular expertise in sexual allegations and confiscation proceedings. He is known for fighting cases whenever asked to do so. Recent examples include:

·    Defence counsel in case of historic intra-family sexual allegations, where both complainants have previously worked for the police (ongoing) [2017]

·    Defence counsel in seven-handed people trafficking conspiracy (facilitating illegal movement of hundreds of non-EU citizens out of the UK) (ongoing) [2017]

·    Successful defence of historic intra-family sexual assault allegations, despite contemporaneous reporting of allegations years before they were reported to police [2016]

·    Successful prosecution of multi-handed £150,000 fraud on high street retail PLC [2016]

·    Prosecution of multi-handed blackmail and assault trial, resulting in convictions and lengthy terms of imprisonment [2015]

·    Defence in multiple counts of drug production, involving evidence from estranged, convicted, co-defendant husband for wife [2015]

·    Prosecution of drug dealer involving covertly obtained evidence from numerous undercover officers [2015]

·    Successful defence on retrial of multiple counts of anal rape by father of daughter [2015]

·    Prosecution of sexual assaults on multiple victims in supported accommodation by a fellow resident [2015]

·    Defence of serious sexual assault on child by drug user involving deceit as to age [2015]

·    Defence of historic sexual allegations involving 18 specimen counts including oral rape of three unrelated male victims in a highly-charged and emotional case [2015]

·    QC led in defending client in multi-handed manslaughter trial and re-trial involving production and distribution of steroids and slimming pills at Central Criminal Court, in a case attracting national media attention [2014]

·    Prosecution counsel in case of stalking with violence and extreme pornographic images leading to deportation of defendant [2014]

·    Defence counsel in sexual assault allegations of mentally unwell defendant leading to absolute discharge of defendant [2014]

·    Defence counsel in allegation of section 18 assault and dangerous driving, when client drove at (and into) taxi driver [2014]

·    Prosecution counsel in case involving knife-point attack on victim in supported accommodation, witnessed by particularly vulnerable witnesses [2014]

·    Defence counsel in conspiracy to supply Class A drugs case, involving kilos of heroin produced in a drugs “factory” [2014]

·    Prosecution counsel in case of kidnap and violent assault of drug dealer [2014]

·    Confiscation proceedings relating to alleged terrorist and tobacco smuggler, prosecution claim of over £1.5 million of criminal benefit reduced substantially following instruction [2014]

·    Prosecution counsel in fraud case involving financial controller of aircraft management company attracting media interest [2014]

·    QC led and then sole counsel in poisoning case involving defendant secreting antifreeze into housemate’s drink, resulting in non-custodial sentence [2013]

·    Junior defence counsel in trial of multiple allegations of sexual contact with minors, including historic allegations [2013]

·    Defence counsel for special needs teacher providing respite care, involving sexual activity and production of indecent images of autistic children [2013]

·    Defending sexual assault allegations on fellow soldier in Germany [Court Martial] [2012]